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Preparation for the DFP Diplôme de Français Professionnel - Affaires A1 : private lessons (20h)

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20 heures
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Représentation de la formation : Preparation for the DFP Diplôme de Français Professionnel - Affaires A1 : private lessons (20h)

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Formation créée le 13/04/2021. Dernière mise à jour le 11/05/2021

Programme de la formation

Our training courses are designed according to your starting level and your training objectives. The Diplôme de français des Affaires A1 validates competence in French at CEFR level A1. It certifies elementary competence in French: the holder of this diploma can understand and express him/herself in the simplest and most usual situations of social and professional life in a familiar context, to carry out very simple professional tasks. The candidate can understand the main points of very basic professional written material in order to carry out very simple professional tasks. He/she can understand the main points of a short, predictable message, either face to face or on the phone, to complete very simple work-related tasks. The candidate can write very short standardised business messages related to routine social and professional activities. The candidate can establish very simple social and professional contacts and exchanges to perform work-related tasks in a limited number of known or predictable situations.

Objectifs de la formation

  • Improve the candidate's level of written and spoken French, to consolidate and deepen the basics.
  • Become more fluent in oral and written French.
  • Be operational in French in the professional world.
  • To be able to pass the DFP at an A1 level, certifying a beginner's level of Business French.

Profil des bénéficiaires

Pour qui
  • general public
  • no

Contenu de la formation

  • Review of the trainee's current knowledge (highlighting strengths and areas for improvement).
  • To improve the level of oral comprehension of the language.
  • Written practice of the language. Grammar and spelling.
  • Written expression. Sentence structure and written expression.
  • Passing the DFP.
Equipe pédagogique

Trainer with a minimum of 3 years of higher education.

Suivi de l'exécution et évaluation des résultats
  • Attendance sheets.
  • Training evaluation forms.
  • Certificate of completion of the training course.
Ressources techniques et pédagogiques
  • Provision of online support documents following the training.

Qualité et satisfaction

Training not evaluated to date.


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The training takes place at your home with your own tools, which makes it ideal for any type of disability. Our disability advisor is available on